I am a CG generalist born in Denmark in 1988 in a town called Næstved. I am a CG generalist but my specialization is Rigging and Scripting.
I have a bachelor’s degree in computer graphics arts from The Animation Workshop as well as a higher business exam from South Zeeland Business college. Additionally I have an exam from the Copenhagen school of business and design, a school focusing on marketing and practically creating/writing web-pages. In my spare time I am a Taekwondo instructor, this is a good way to get away from the computer once in a while and I also enjoy playing flute, piano and ukulele.
I am still practicing the violin, so if you ask me to play it for you… that’s your mistake.
Go ahead and contact me at any time on: Blaabjergb@gmail.com

Thanks to andytlr


The result of about a month worth of CG work. Modelling, rigging, shading, simulation and comping in Nuke. 

Animation by Pernille K.