I am a CG generalist born in Denmark in 1988 in a town called Næstved. I am a CG generalist but my specialization is Rigging and Scripting.
I have a bachelor’s degree in computer graphics arts from The Animation Workshop as well as a higher business exam from South Zeeland Business college. Additionally I have an exam from the Copenhagen school of business and design, a school focusing on marketing and practically creating/writing web-pages. In my spare time I am a Taekwondo instructor, this is a good way to get away from the computer once in a while and I also enjoy playing flute, piano and ukulele.
I am still practicing the violin, so if you ask me to play it for you… that’s your mistake.
Go ahead and contact me at any time on: Blaabjergb@gmail.com

Thanks to andytlr


Ok, render in pose. I used the rig to pose the character and rendered it in Maya with Arnold.

A test of the facerig of Bear Blueheart - Animation done by Michelle Klitgaard From http://michellefrom.blogspot.dk/

Testrender done with the Arnold render engine. The character shader is still work in progress.

Testrender done with the Arnold render engine. The character shader is still work in progress.

I did lighting on these character poses for press kit for the latest film that I worked on.

This week we finished production and our film. Now there is a week of presskit and after that I will be going to Qvisten Animation in Norway to work on a new secret feature film project. Ooohh, wild! 
BTW, the cake on the photo was all right.

A title done for a pitch last year. 2013. The film was never produced and got canceled.

You don’t know what you have until you lose it.

It’s about choosing a different path.
___________________________________________________________________Log line: When a self centered king is transported through a portal to a strange world he struggles to regain his sense of status but discovers along the way, that his new path was a much needed push to make himself a better person.

Tiengao eats a piece of cake with a portal inside.

The portal is animated by Michelle From:


A few frames form my latest work. Check out the film when it premieres on Jan 2015.


Lighting a shot for Roommate Wanted Dead or Alive film.

Lighting a shot for Roommate Wanted Dead or Alive film.

Currently scripting Bearbluehart’s rig while Michelle From is texturepainting.

It shall be a good little project.

The render shown is a one hour posing, shading and slap comp. Phew, the fastest I have ever done.

Brought the marquette to FMX in Stuttgart

I rendered a few side by side tests today, for art director Jane and Director Lærke to compare the textures of the two. There are definitely some texture and shader changes to be made.

The characters from our shortfilm Roommate Wanted Dead or alive that I am currently working on with my team.

find more on http://roommatewantedfilm.tumblr.com/


I spend two hours testing how liquid should look in our film. Trying to give it a clay stop motion look. Please note that even though the liquid spash does not act like it would in real life, it still works just fine as a test for how liquid should look in the final film.

Testing lighting in our scanned, matched up set. The set is based on a live action miniature set, that has been scanned and matched up. Then photographed and projected onto geometry in Maya

Look development is happening along side with animation and scene setup these days. Above is texture tests for the brain prop and the medkit prop.